Customer Testimonials

Tetrosyl Limited

“The work that has been put in by the KMK team has been imperative to our company developing in the USA and Canadian markets. Their expertise in the MSDS, registrations, legislation’s, labelling and transport systems required in the US and Canadian markets is exceptional, and fills us with great confidence. All questions and queries put to KMK are respectfully answered in a timely and informative manor. We look forward to many years of cooperation with the KMK team and are extremely grateful for the work and help that has been put in so far.” –Sarah Robinson, International Marketing Manager

Essential Ingredients

“We had several products for which we needed documents to meet different language translations and foreign country requirements. KMK provided the necessary regulatory expertise to satisfy many aspects we had not considered nor anticipated. The timeliness and thoroughness of their efforts was terrific and was key to us getting the desired end-product, for our project.” –Ray Cline

Connect Chemical

“We have been working with KMK Services for nearly 10 years.  Our goal was to outsource the regulatory issues related to MSDS generation. KMK has always performed this function very well for us and we will continue to work with KMK in the foreseeable future. The response time for new labels and MSDS is acceptable to us and we are treated like an important customer, even though we are quite small.”–Mark Langston

REM Research Group

“We expect better. We demand better. We chose to use KMK because they strove to achieve the quality that is absent from other MSDS material safety data sheet authoring services.”–Matt Bell, Research Chemist

NL Grease

When our MSDS documents needed to be upgraded to new regulations, we called KMK Regulatory Services. They are truly a one-stop-shop, which saved us a lot of time. Plus, they can answer almost any question relating to regulations are very knowledgeable on any new regulations coming out. KMK is great to work with, very prompt—and best of all our material safety data sheets are always up-to-date and always in compliance. –Denise Campbell, Quality Manager