GHS Transition Plan

KMK offers transition planning for GHS Compliance

There will be a Grace period for companies to completely transition to GHS standards in North America.  US chemical manufactures will have all Safety Data Sheets updated by June 2015. Timetable for WHMIS 2015 implementation for canada.

KMK Regulatory Services can help your company prepare for the upcoming impacts of GHS. We’ve designed a simple and effective transition plan to ease the burden of the process. We can create a detailed GHS conversion plan and assist with the classification of substances for GHS, as well as revise all of your material safety data sheets and labels.

Some important steps to GHS Compliance

  • Re-evaluation of how substances and mixtures are classified under GHS,
  • Updating and re-issuing of all regulated documents, such as SDS, and labels,
  • Training staff on new GHS classifications and symbols.