SDS Services

KMK Regulatory Services creates, converts, translates and manages SDS, Safety Data Sheets for chemical companies all over the world–in 45+ languages.

Our SDS services include:

  • Material Safety Data Sheet and label creation, conversion, management (maintenance) and translation, in compliance with all country regulations, classifications and formats,
  • GHS (Globally Harmonized System) transition plans and conversion of current SDS sheets and hazard symbols to new GHS SDS standards,
  • Classification of substances and/or products to determine needs for labelling and the documentation required,
  • Identification of gaps and analysis to perform required changes on your safety data sheets, creation of 16 point safety data sheets for the EU,
  • Hazardous assessments by substance and for country-specific regulations,
  • Translations of material safety data sheets into country-specific languages for products being exported,
  • SDS and labels prepared by KMK, include your logo and colors, reflecting your corporate image and quality standards.

Our Material Safety Data Sheets are compliant with these country-specific regulations. For the entire list by country click here.


  • USA: 29 CFR1910.1200 + State regulations and lists (ie: California prop. 65; New Jersey Right-to-Know; etc.). Format: (ANSI) Z400.1; HAZCOM 2012/GHS;
  • Canada: CPR-WHMIS;
  • Mexico: NOM-018-STPS-2000 and recently adopted United Nations GHS format;
  • Brazil: NBR NBR 14725-4 2009 including their country specific GHS, requirements, Multi-jurisdictional SDSs – possible combination of two or more of these regulations on a single document–American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Z400.1 format.


  • 27 EU countries + European Free Trade Association: Europe REACH Annex II (Reg 453/2010)/CLP including the DSD-DPD and GHS requirements in the same document (SDS), and all applicable country specific laws, lists and Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) for the 27 member states.


  • Australia: [NOHSC:2011(2004)];
  • China: GB T16483-2008 for SDSs including their adoption of GHS and standard GB 15258-2009 for China GHS labels;
  • Malaysia: Bilingual (Malay-English language CSDS standard format);
  • Singapore: SS 586-3 2008 Standard including their adoption of GHS;
  • Taiwan: Latest United Nations GHS SDS format.

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