Hazard Assessments

Where does your company stand with respect to chemical regulations and directives?

Chemical Manufacturers, Chemical blenders and even distributors must be well informed on which countries are adopting restrictive laws on substances. High Production Volume (HPV) chemicals are being screened by the OECD and Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) are tightly regulated by REACH in the 27 EU countries. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published a list of SVHCs for authorization and many substances that have been on the EU market for decades will eventually be banned and replaced by less hazardous substances.

Would you and your R&D team like to benefit from greater visibility and enhanced knowledge about how the new chemical regulations will affect your product classifications?

Some commonly asked questions we hear often regarding future chemical regulations include;

  • What will my product classifications be in a new market or country?
  • Are any of my substances on a “list of lists” (banned substances)?
  • Have any of my products gone over ”safe thresholds”?

KMK Regulatory Services can work with your company to identify the potential risks and issues of non-compliance. We can provide a clear window into the future regulatory landscape, as if you had a “crystal ball view” into the future. Our network of experts provides consulting services on chemical regulations and directives, including REACH, the GHS, the HPV program, and more. Working with KMK can help your company avoid risks of non-compliance.

We can assess your products and their level of hazard, against current regulations by:

  • Analyzing your products, given the composition of the mixture and ingredients responsible for the hazard.
  • Offering country and classification-specific information for the following countries and regulations; United States: OSHA HCS, Canada: WHMIS, the European Union: CLP-REACH and GHS (Japan, China, Korea, Australia).