Long-term Maintenance Program

Partner with KMK to ensure your ongoing compliance

KMK’s long-term compliance program provides customers a cost-effective way to ensure that the documents we’ve authored for them are always updated and remain in compliance over time. Our service is comprehensive, we continuously monitor your documents at the substance level to ensure that documents are changed in time to remain in compliance with regulations. We offer:

  • Continuous regulatory monitoring for amendments in chemical classification and global regulations,
  • Real time SDS, label revision, validation and updates to keep up with modifications, when requested by local regulations,
  • Minor modifications such as; components (if this does not force a classification change), formulation adjustments, (if this does not force a classification change), address changes, brand name, product use and corporate information will be made on scheduled maintenance periods.
Information can be updated on either a quarterly or a yearly basis.

Quarterly Updates:

  • We receive new and updated regulatory data every quarter, and we will update your SDS and labels accordingly. Some examples of data that comes out on a quarterly basis;
    • Changes in R phrases in Europe;
    • Changes in Occupational Exposure Limits in all supported countries;
    • New toxicity, and eco-toxicity data etc.

Yearly updates:

  • Document maintenance is performed once a year during the course of the maintenance agreement, on all documents. The duration of maintenance (period of time to deliver all your revised documents) will be dependent on the total number of documents you have, (SDS and labels).