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BP Biofuels Advanced Technology: BP Biofuels Advanced Technology is a biotech company that needed guidance and assistance with the conversion of their safety data sheets SDS for both U.S. (ANSI format) and European (REACH formatting standards). Learn how KMK helped get their documents ready for these new regulations.

Bron Aerotech: Bron Aerotech needed assistance to develop and create MSDS, safety data sheets that complied with both the U.S. and Canadian regulatory requirements. Learn how KMK’s proven process helped Bron comply with highly regulated aerospace industry requirements.

GlaxoSmithKline Biologiques: GSK needed support and assistance with the creation of MSDS, safety data sheets for specific chemical products, at the composition level and in various languages. Learn how KMK created GSK’s regulatory documentation using their advanced chemical expertise combined with language translation capabilities.

Gulbrandsen Chemicals : Gulbrandsen Chemicals was looking for assistance in creating labels and safety data sheets. Their concern was to find an outsourced, qualified service provider since they didn’t have an in-house expert. Find out how KMK streamlined Gulbrandsen’s label and MSDS creation and maintenance process while enabling them to meet regulatory obligations and export their products worldwide.

ITW Texwipe: ITW Texwipe needed a seamless transition of all their MSDS, safety data sheet documents to new systems. But, expediency was an issue in getting the SDS documents updated and maintained and there were few staff on hand and a lack of International regulatory expertise. Find out how ITW Texwipe has benefited from outsourcing all of the creation and maintenance of their MSDS’s and SDS’s to KMK.

ITW Contamination Control: When ITW Contamination Control Europe added new product lines into their current product portfolio, it became evident that more accurate information was needed on their safety data sheets. Learn how KMK assisted ITW Contamination Control in organizing and updating their SDS for European product lines.

Jones-Hamilton Co.: Jones Hamilton’s limited in-house resources for material safety data sheet, MSDS authoring and an ongoing maintenance program led them to KMK Regulatory Services. Find out how KMK’s chemical regulation “watch service” informed J-H Co., of changes in regulations that would affect their business.

Polyguard Products: When Polyguard decided to update their safety data sheets, they realized that outside expertise was required to tackle the daunting International regulatory requirements–and decided outsource the work to professionals. Find out how working with KMK helped Polyguard to have compliant, up-to-date International SDS’s, saving them a large investment in regulatory data bases, and their staff time.